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Radio technology - Complete connected house

• Discover the Home Automation environment of a simulated electrical installation.
• Discover and study the features of a Delta Dore home automation system
• Understand the specifications of an electrical installation
• Make electrical diagrams
• Produce a components nomenclature
• Analyze the manufacturer datasheets
• Perform parameter setting of Delta Dore components
• Carry out the wiring and the connection of the electrical components to flying wires
• Perform the commissioning of the installation
• Perform a WIFI network setting for control on tablet or Smartphone

Selected reference MCP-DD

Selected reference MCP-DD
Choose one reference

Front face
• 5 switches radio transmitter with 2 keys of type On / Off
• 3 switches radio transmitter for roller shutter
• 1 double switch (standard home type)
• 2 simple push buttons (standard home type)
• 2 switches for roller shutter (standard home type)
• 5 micromodules radio transmitter for push button, switch and roller shutter
• 5 micromodules radio receiver type On / Off
• 5 micromodules radio receiver for roller shutter
• 1 micromodule radio receiver for variable lighting
• 1 opening / closing control receiver for a gate / garage
• 1 ON / OFF control receiver for convector
• 1 radio thermostat for the control of a convector
• 1 radio remote control with 4 keys
• 1 Radio / IP gateway for WIFI communication. It allows the student to control the installation since a tablet or Smartphone. The free application is available on ''Play Store'' or ''Apple Store''.
The WIFI network is unique to the model and isolated from the Wifi network of your building.
• 1 configured WIFI router (system-specific local WIFI)
• 1 AC power cord
• 1 screenprint of a connected house composed of:
    1 LED light for simulating a strike
    2 LED lights simulating the opening / closing of a garage door
    2 LED lights simulating the opening / closing of a gate
    1 LED light simulating the running a watering pump
    8 LED lights for simple lighting simulation
    8 LEDs lights simulating opening / closing of 4 roller shutters
    1 LED light simulating the functioning of a convector
    1 simulation lamp with variable lighting
• 1 modular board panel composed of:
    1 differential circuit breaker 20A - 30mA
    2 circuit breakers – 16A (sockets circuit, heating circuit)
    3 circuit breakers - 10A (lighting circuit, roller shutter circuit, opening circuit and watering)
    2 modular jacks
    5 modular On / Off control receivers

Back side
• 1 removable side with warning
• 1 transmitter terminal block
• 1 receiver terminal block
• 1 power terminal block
• 1 modular receiver terminal block
• 1 wiring diagram

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