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KNX technology - Connected house 3 rooms

Autonomous integrated Wifi Network!

The educational panel study of home automation systems of KNX type is a habitation of house type. Simple and intuitive, it makes it easy to discover this technology.
It offers educational features allowing the student:
- To observe, manipulate, assemble and disassemble
- To measure and evaluate characteristics
- To reproduce industrial schemes
- To understand and to interpret the mechanical, electrical, electronic operations...

Selected reference MC-KNX-2

Selected reference MC-KNX-2
Selected reference MC-KNX-2

An aluminum profile frame
• Profile section 30 x 30mm
• Frame dimensions: 650 x 700 x 350mm

1 silkscreened front panel equipped with:
• 1 modular electric panel
- 1 residual current circuit breaker 16A of habitat type
- 1 circuit breaker 2A of habitat type
- 1 KNX Power Supply
- 1 variable lighting actuator and ON/OFF outputs
- 1 roller shutter with ON/OFF outputs
- 1 USB / KNX interface - 1 IP / KNX interface
• 1 embedded universal actuator
• 1 LED lighting spot for variable lighting
• 2 LED lights (living room + bedroom)
• 1 LED light simulating the electric door latch
• 1 KNX switch with 2-button (manages the variable and regular lighting of the bedroom)
• 1 KNX switch with 4-button (manages the lighting of the living room, the electric door latch and 2 scenarios).

1 white back side equipped with:
• 1 roller shutter
• 1 Wifi router to create a local Wifi network and control the installation from a Smartphone application (Wifi network specific to the model)
• 1 power socket 230V 2P+E to connect the Wifi router.

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