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Introductory case for radio alarm

Autonomous integrated Wifi Network!

Learn about Delta Dore® radio home automation technology quickly and easily with this simple, intuitive case. This instructional solution enables acquisition and validation of the skills for the diploma in Electricity & Connected Environments, in a simple home automation environment. Ideal for introducing your students quickly and clearly!
The Delta Dore® configurable radio alarm modules and radio fire detector are integrated on both sides of the case.

Selected reference VALDOM-ALR

Selected reference VALDOM-ALR
Selected reference VALDOM-ALR

• To create a parts list of components
• To understand and set up a radio intrusion alarm management
• To understand and learn programming of radio components
• To program the various components of an intrusion alarm such as the central unit, the detectors, the informative code keypad, the remote controls, the siren.
•To understand the setting and use of a radio fire detector

On upper side
• 2 open contacts for opening protection
• 2 infrared detectors. Range 12m.
• 1 radio fire detector
• 1 outdoor siren (Decibel level reduced)

On the lower side
• 1 radio alarm unit with 2 zones
• 1 radio keyboard with information reception and remote control, with LCD display, switching On and Off. Full and partial operation with 3 access codes: 1 master, 2 users. History of the last 200 events. Information on the state of the system: on and off, open doors, etc ... siren test. System configuration.
• 2 radio remote controls. 4 keys. Range 100m to 300m.
• 1 radio / IP gateway for WIFI communication.
1 configured WIFI router (system-specific local WIFI)

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