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Study of a fiber optic network

Model simulating a triple-play service broadcast network (TV, internet, telephony) on optical fibre (FTTH).
It is composed of:
- an optical node part hosting the various services
- an optical coupler part providing optical transport and distribution
- an optical network terminal part simulating an end-user terminal.
It is possible to connect this model to our DP1-FIB (not included) and/or DP2-FIB (not included) products in order to create an installation close to the reality of the field by visualizing the complete path of an end-user's fiber from an optical node.
Supplied with a STUDENT + PROFESSOR pedagogical file, this model offers many practical works allowing you to understand the use of optical fiber. The model is delivered assembled and ready to use.

Selected reference MAQ-FIB2S

Selected reference MAQ-FIB2S
Selected reference MAQ-FIB2S

Pedagogical objectives
• Discover the FTTH network, with triple play services
• Discover the components of a GPON optical link
• Understand the role of each piece of equipment
• Observe the limitations of copper compared to fiber (distances, speeds,...)
• Learn the main failures of an optical link
• Perform diagnostics and repair protocols

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