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Fiber deployment in individual housing and/or collective housing

Didactic solution simulating the deployment of a fiber optic network from a street distribution box, to a habitation in a building configuration, or in individual house configuration.
This model is composed of three parts:
- a “sidewalk” part, where a telecom manhole is simulated with a technical box.
- a “technical area“ of a building
- a “habitation area” simulating 2 housing with 2 possible configurations:
Configuration 1: Newly constructed habitation with connection via optical terminal box located in housing technical duct.
Configuration 2: Old habitation with an existing installation to be renovated.
Supplied with a STUDENT + PROFESSOR pedagogical file, this model offers many practical works and allows you to understand the use of optical fiber.
It is delivered assembled and ready to use.

Fiber product
Selected reference DP2-FIB

Selected reference DP2-FIB
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Pedagogical objectives
• Discover the FTTH network
• Discover the components of an optical link
• Understand the role of each piece of equipment
• Understand the differences inherent in collective and individual housing
• Manipulate the different components of an FTTH network
• Perform a standard fiber optic installation in a housing technical duct
• Handle splitter and welder (optional equipment)
• Handle a fiber laser pen (optional equipment)
• Perform measurements with a photometer (optional equipment)

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