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Smart business power management

This model of a smart business allows to visualize the energetic consumption of a professional electric installation, such as a small company or a retail shop, and in this case a bakery. The power consumption is achieved by using the bread oven
(simulated with a rheostat), the illuminated led sign, the shop lighting (simulated with 2 wall light) and the lighting of the parking area (simulated with 1 projector lamp).
The measurements from your instrument (not provided), or from the built-in screen, allow the calculation of the power consumption. Usage scenarios may be created to optimize the energy consumption.
The IP camera allows a simple video surveillance setup, with alert and notification triggering.

Selected reference ECP-DD

Selected reference ECP-DD
Selected reference ECP-DD

• Discover the Home Automation applied to a business installation.
• Study a power consumption measuring system.
• Perform an energy balance.
• Understand the specifications of an electric installation.
•  Realize electrical diagrams.
• Produce a components nomenclature.
• Analyze the manufacturers' technical documentation.
• Configure the DELTA DORE® components (radio frequency technology).
• Understand and configure video surveillance system.
• Realize the wiring and connection of network components
• Commission the installation
• Configure the WIFI network

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