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Study of an IP camera

Provides study of hybrid analog and IP Easy video surveillance. The student can set interconnections to BNC and Ethernet wires.
He will be able to configure addressing, settings for different cameras, and visualization of different camera images. Recording on detection or by time range. Electrical energy-independent system. Images of different cameras can be directly visualized on a tablet or smartphone using an integrated WiFi network.

Educational objectives
• To understand and configure a set of video surveillance components.
• To learn configuring and programming from an integrated web server.
• To configure an Ethernet computer network.
• To wire a hybrid, analogue and IP easy network.


Frame type
Selected reference QUICK-CIPPLUS

Selected reference QUICK-CIPPLUS
Choose one reference

• 1 DVR AHD video recorder, 8 video inputs Full-HD, 120 IPS, HDD and 1TB. Integrated web server for video configuration and playing.
Viewing of the images from the 4 cameras simultaneously on the monitor.
• 2 adjustable AHD cameras, ½.8’’ CMOS sensor, 36 infrared LED's for night vision, resolution: FULL HD (1080p),
• 2 adjustable IP Easy cameras, ¼’’ CMOS sensor, 30 infrared LED's for night vision,resolution: HD (720p), 30 IPS, Supplied with IP/BNC connector.
• 1 15.6’’ LED monitor. HD Resolution.
• 1 230V outlet worktop for connecting all the devices.
• 1 RJ45 switch.


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