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Real time &monitoring system

PCWATT lets you record and display on a screen mechanical and electrical quantities from the rotating machines (asynchronous motors, synchronous machines, single-phase motors and DC machines). Supplied with the software Logyreal.

Selected reference PCWATT

Selected reference PCWATT
Selected reference PCWATT

PCWATT is an interface that connects the motor test bench to a PC via a measuring bay composed of at least MECAWATT and WATTELEC
*. The LOGIREAL software delivered with PCWATT lets one display these quantities in real time.
During acquisition, the values for voltage, current, power consumed, torque, rotation speed and useful power are shown both as curves and as numeric displays.
After acquisition, PCWATT uses the recorded values to calculate and trace additional mechanical and electrical characteristics, such as slip, efficiency, active power, reactive power, the power factor, and so on.
* Connection to the PC via USB cable


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