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Installation safety monitor

The XE electrical installation tester brings together in a single piece of equipment the majority of the functions which are necessary for checking domestic and business premises in accordance with standard NFC15-100. In particular: current, voltage, earth measurement, earth continuity, trigger current and time of differentials, insulation resistance, calculation of short-circuit and fault currents, resistance of the mains and earth loop, calculation of fuses and phase rotation, etc.

Selected reference XE1

Selected reference XE1
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The graphical screen displays the results and the measurement settings numerically. By simply pressing the HELP key, the connection diagram(s) corresponding to the position of the switch will appear on the screen. XE has 2 ports: RRS232 and USB to be connected to a PC. The software, which is supplied as standard, can be used to export data from the memory of the XE to a spreadsheet, or to edit a measurement report. The unit is supplied with a storage case and all of the accessories required to undertake all measurements, except for a blind clamp ammeter and the luxmeter unit (available as an option).

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