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All or nothing sensors & actuators

• Description of the different components and their usage.
• Functioning of the amplifiers.
• Measurement of the detection distance of the inductive sensor.
• Analysis of the electronic switch, controlled by direct or alternating current.
• Study of a line consisting of an optoelectro-barrier, a switch and a solenoid.
• Possibility of making other lines: optoelectro-barrier - reed relay - Hall sensor - electronic switch - buzzer

Selected reference C3510-L

Selected reference C3510-L
Selected reference C3510-L

This model includes sensors currently used in industry:
• an optoelectro-reflection barrier, with its output amplifier
• a Hall effect sensor with its output amplifier
• an inductive proximity sensor with its output amplifier
• facing a metallic mass which the operator progressively displaces using a worm screw.

The model also includes:
• an electronic switch consisting of a triac and its electronic control
• a dry relay and a reed relay with two coils
• two solenoids: one facing the Hall sensor
• a visual LED display and a piezoceramic type buzzer with integral micro-oscillator.

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