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Complete kit 1.5kW asynchronous motor + powder brake

The PACK-AC1 power unit kit (power unit + accessories) can be used for studying the short-circuited 220/400V 1500W, three-phase, asynchronous induction motor with rotor in short-circuit. Several measurements can be taken and the motor load properties can be monitored on a PC.

Selected reference PACK-AC1

Selected reference PACK-AC1
Selected reference PACK-AC1

Operating principle
A speed controller, constant V/F frequency converter, controls the motor’s rotation speed according to the various acceleration or deceleration ramps. A three-phase power supply on casters is also used to supply power to the motor, replacing the speed controller.
A 1500W ventilated powder brake loads the motor with
values of between 0 and 125% inclusive of the rated load. A brushless torque sensor (requiring no maintenance)
measures the various torque values, whereas a DC tachogenerator provides an image signal of the motor’s rotation speed.
A first unit, with three digital displays, shows the electrical quantities such as voltage, current and power used by the motor. The second unit, which also has three displays, shows the mechanical quantities such as torque, rotation speed and useful power.
All of these quantities, as well as the motor load curves, can be displayed in real time on a PC, before being printed out.

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