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Etude du moteur triphasé asynchrone 300W
  • Etude du moteur triphasé asynchrone 300W
  • Etude du moteur triphasé asynchrone 300W

Study of the 3-phase asynchronous motor 300W

Composition of the set
1 Squirrel cage three-phase induction motor
1 Powder brake
1 Torque sensor
1 DC tachogenerator
1 Variable three-phase power supply
1 Magnetoelectric voltmeter
1 AC & DC Multimeter Clamp
1 Display unit torque - speed - power
1 TRMS Wattmeter
1 Stand on wheels
1 Safety leads set

Selected reference PACK-ACFR1

Selected reference PACK-ACFR1
Selected reference PACK-ACFR1

• Study the stator and the rotor of an asynchronous motor.
• Understand the STAR/DELTA motor coupling.
• Study the pairs number of poles and the influence on the rotating speed.
• Note, calculate and plot the electrical and mechanical quantities of the motor.
• Realize the balance sheet of motor powers.
• Understand the working of a powder brake.
• Use an ammeter clamp


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