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Economical AC/AC frequency converter

Variator for three-phase, squirrel-cage asynchronous machines with a power of 400 max. With the integrated control console, this variator is easy to use. Speed control by potentiometer Start/Stop button.

Selected reference ECOVAR-03

Selected reference ECOVAR-03
Selected reference ECOVAR-03

From the control unit, the user can configure:
• the motor's rated characteristics, such as rotation speed, current, voltage, and so on
• the rotational direction
• the acceleration ramp
• the deceleration ramp
• resetting of defaults

options * : contact us
• 1 brake resistance output
• 1 fault contact output
• 2 programmable inputs
• 1 analog 0-10V input
• 1 analog 4-20mA input
* These options require to fit these ECOVAR-15 & ECOVAR-30 variators in a plastic box


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