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Pneumatic handling line

Introduction to pneumatic components. Programming approach by PLC. Monitoring of the system in manual or automatic mode.

Educational objectives
• Introduction to pneumatic components
• Programming approach by PLC
• Monitoring of the system in manual or automatic mode

Selected reference PNEU99-C

Selected reference PNEU99-C
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The parts placed on the conveyor belt are held by the vacuum suction grip of a first pneumatic jack, then placed on the horizontal jack, grasped by the electromagnet jack undergoing a complete handling cycle before being returned to the belt.

• 3 double effect pneumatic jacks Ø32mm. Travel 250mm, each equipped with:
    - flow reducers allowing fine adjustment of their movement
    - magnetic position detectors (2 or 3 per actuator) with LED
    - quick-fit joints for Ø4mm tubes
• 2  5/2 electropneumatic distributors
• 1  5/3 electropneumatic distributor
All distributors are fitted with
    - 24V DC coils
    - LED visual display of the state of the coils
    - quick-fit joints for Ø4mm tubes
    - fitted on mountings with silencers
• Vacuum generator
One of the actuators is fitted with a suction grip with its vacuum system.
An adjustable threshold vacuostat delivers an electrical presence or absence of vacuum signal.
A vacuometer allows visual checking on the vacuum.
• Jacks protection
To avoid any risk of destroying a pneumatic jack, an entirely pneumatic logic system (without student access) prevents the simultaneous movement of the
horizontal jack with a vertical jack.

• Contains a regulated 24V DC 2A source to feed the PLC if necessary if it does not have an internal supply. The necessary supplies to the model.
• A Start cycle button, a Stop cycle button,
• a reset button.
• a general emergency button stopping the electric and pneumatic supplies.
• The connector which the user connects to the PLC or to the manual control box.

User’s protection
• A transparent color door is a barrier between the pneumatic jacks and the user’s hand. The opening turns off the air pressure

PLC (only for PNEU99 version)
• 14 inputs / 10 outputs (RELAYS)
• 2 languages : Grafcet instructions, contact language.
• Programming : from a PC using a software (included).
• Delivered with a complete and functional program.

The conveyor belt is either controlled by the automatic system and the end of belt detection switch or by being forced into operation. An electromagnet illustrates picking up by a magnetic field. PNEU** is connected to the air network by splined terminal placed on the valve block of stop + regulator + filter + distribution output by quick coupling.
Dimensions: 820 x 1000 x 460mm.

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