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Managing of hypermarket lighting by supervision

Large floor area buildings, like supermarkets, require a lot of lighting. The control of this lighting is a real economic and ecological issue which requires thinking about the concept of zoning and presence. MAQ-LIGHT offers the study of this need through controllers (PLC) and supervision controlled by 2 touch screens.
Educational objectives
• Study and putting into service of a lighting management system for hypermarket by supervision
• Studying the configuration of an Ethernet type computer network
• Studying the programming of a PLC in contact language
• Studying the programming of an HMI (Human Machine Interface)
• Studying the coexistence of several PLCs and HMIs

Selected reference MAQ-LIGHT

Selected reference MAQ-LIGHT
Selected reference MAQ-LIGHT


• 1 unit with magneto-thermal, RC protection devices & emergency stop.
• 3 SCHNEIDER® Ethernet PLCs
• 1 Ethernet colour touch screen HMIS5T 3.5"
• 1 Ethernet colour touch screen HMIS5T 5.7"
• 1 presence detector
• 1 Day / Night simulation unit with potentiometer
• 1 engraved face defining the 3 lighting zones
Face equipped with 16 indicator lights simulating the light points
• 3 control units with 7 pushbuttons and 7 indicator lights
• 1 Ethernet RJ45 switch
• 6 Ethernet leads, 1.5 metres

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