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Teaching panel for an energy facility at an isolated site


This teaching panel must be connected to a PV or wind voltage source.
It is compatible with our SOL-200 solar panels and our EOLYS-500 wind power.
Input voltage between 24Vdc and 48Vdc maximum.

Selected reference TAE-ISOL

Selected reference TAE-ISOL
Selected reference TAE-ISOL

This learning panel supports studying a photovoltaic or wind energy source at an isolated site.
TAE-ISOL is put on a table.
It is equipped with 2 unfolding mobile arms which can move 70° and provide great stability.
Dimensions: 700 x 600 x 400mm (unfolded arms).
Delivered with a group of 4mm safety leads. Integrated batteries.

Educational objectives
• Discover the various elements of a photovoltaic or wind turbine system.
• Learn and understand the safety elements present.
• Perform activities at different electrical dimensions.
• Analyze & interpret the results.
• Study the yield and incidence related to the panel positioning.
• Study the energy chain (production, storage, utilization, energy behavior).
• Wire a photovoltaic or wind facility
• Set up a Bluetooth® connection

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