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Control panel for communicating anti-intrusion alarm

Tertiary-based surveillance of two areas by two infrared sensors and one area by camera PAL / EthernetIP. The student must complete the interconnections between the various components. Through the delivered software (in French), students will be able to configure all the parameters of the central unit as managementof detection areas, event groups, the engagement scenarios, operating schedules, key code programming, the management of the surveillance camera ... The student will also be able to set up a wireless router in association with the IP camera and then view the camera image on a smartphone or a tablet. (Free app available on AppStore or Android).

Selected reference TAG-12

Selected reference TAG-12
Selected reference TAG-12

Educational objectives
• Understanding and setting of an intruder alarm management
• Understanding the setup and software programming
• Understanding of an IP Ethernet network
• Setting an IP camera Ethernet and a WIFI router

Composition of the model    
• 1 alarm unit with 8 areas self-powered by batteries, equipped with a USB port for connecting a PC via the supplied software.
• 1 siren with flash, auto-powered by battery.
• 1 code keypad with customizable display from software or locally.
• 2 infrared detectors.
• 1 Adjustable color camera PAL / IP.
• 1 230V WIFI router.


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