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MyHome technology - Introductory model

Autonomous integrated Wifi Network!

Learn about MYHOME building automation technology quickly and easily with this simple, intuitive model. This instructional solution enables acquisition and validation of the skills for the diploma in Electricity and Connected Environments, in a simple home automation environment. Ideal for introducing your students quickly and clearly!

Selected reference MAQ-MH

Selected reference MAQ-MH
Selected reference MAQ-MH

• To learn about the HOME AUTOMATION environment of an electrical installation
• To learn about and study the features of a MyHome home automation installation
• To understand the specifications of an electrical installation
• To produce electrical diagrams
• To create a parts list of components and analyse manufacturer technical data sheets
• To configure the MyHome components
• To put installation into service
• To configure the WiFi network for control via tablet or smartphone

Composition OF THE MODEL
• 1 electrical panel
• 1 10A circuit breaker with its 30mA residual current unit
• 1 SCS MH 600mA bus power supply
• 1 audio/video Web server for remote control of MyHOME components via the MyHOME Webserver Portal to download free of charge from Android® or Apple Store®
• 1 230V (2P+E) modular socket to connect the wifi switch
• 1 data concentrator with Energy Data Logger with 1 current transformer to display consumption on your PC, Smartphone or tablet.
• 1 actuator for controlling variable lighting.
• 1 actuator for controlling the convector.
• 1 actuator for controlling LEDS and halogen lighting.
• 1 thermostat module with screen for controlling the convector.
• 1 programmable MH switches 2 keys
• 1 programmable MH switch to manage 4 scenarios
• 7 safety terminals 4mm to connect the 2 windows and 1 load
• 2 wall lights with dimmer
• 1 set of jumpers for configuring the addresses of each component with number marking.
• 1 configured WIFI router

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