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My Home technology- Complete connected house

Discover SCS Bus MyHome LEGRAND home automation technology quickly and easily with this complete model of a connected home. This educational solution allows the acquisition and the validation of the skills of this technology in a simple environment of the home automation.

Selected reference MCPMH

Selected reference MCPMH
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• Discover the Home Automation environment of a simulated electrical installation.
• Discover and study the features of a SCS Bus MyHome LEGRAND home automation system
• Understand the specifications of an electrical installation
• Make electrical diagrams
• Produce a components nomenclature
• Analyze the manufacturer datasheets
• Perform parameter setting of MyHome components
• Carry out the wiring and the connection of the electrical components to flying wires on industrial terminals to prevent wear of component terminals.
• Perform the commissioning of the installation
• Perform a WIFI network setting for control on tablet or Smartphone


Teaching instructions in Instructor / Students format (supplied on DVD), including:
• Educational activities to create scenarios in order to optimize the operation of the installation while preserving the comfort of the occupant
• Tutorials sheets for skills assessment
• Technical instructions, manufacturer resources for MyHome components + Excerpts of electrical standards + different wiring diagrams according to the progress of the Practical Work
Various programs for MyHome install

Front face

• 1 MyHome infrared detector
• 2 programmable MyHome switches 4 keys
• 5 programmable MyHome switches 2 keys
• 1 programmable MyHome switch 1 button
• 1 programmable MyHome thermostat with screen and keys
• 1 simple two-way switch, standard habitat type
• 1 universal MyHome adapter (example of use for houses to renovate)
• 1 WIFI router configured (local WIFI specific to the system)
• 1 AC power cord
• 1 Image of a connected house made up of:
            - 1 LED light to simulate a strike
            - 2 LED lights to simulate the opening / closing of a garage door
            - 2 LED simulation lights for opening / closing a gate
            - 1 LED simulation of a watering pump running
            - 8 LED lights for simple lighting simulation
            - 8 LED lights to simulate the opening / closing of 4 roller shutters
            - 1 LED simulating convector running
            - 1 simulation lamp with variable lighting
            - 1 simulation lamp of a controlled electrical socket
• 1 modular board composed of:
            - 1 differential circuit breaker 20A - 30mA
            - 1 16A protection circuit breaker (modular socket circuit)
            - 5 10A protection circuit breakers (heating circuit, lighting circuit, roller shutter circuit,    controlled socket circuit, opening circuit and watering)
            - 2 modular sockets
            - 2 modular remote switches
            - 1 SCS MH 600mA bus power supply
            - 1 Audio / video Web server for remote control of MyHOME components via web pages or via the MyHome Webserver Portal to download free of charge from Android® or Apple Store®. 1 MH / IP Inside Control gateway
            - 1 programming interface / USB / MyHome connection
            - 1 MyHome dimmer actuator for halogen / LED lighting
            - 2 MyHome 4x230V actuators for driving simulated single lighting
            - 1 MyHome 2x230V actuator for simulated electric heating
            - 1 MyHome 2x230V actuator for simulated socket
            - 4 MyHome actuators for simulated roller shutters
            - 1 MyHome 2x230V actuator for piloting an opening and a simulated watering
            - 1 MyHome 2x230V actuator for simulated openings

Back side
• 1 removable side with warning
• 1 MyHome Bus terminal block
• 1 MyHome 230V component terminal block
• 1 power supply terminal block
• 1 receiver terminal block
• 1 wiring diagram

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