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Complete kit of KNX components

Selected reference KX-KNX

Selected reference KX-KNX
Selected reference KX-KNX

1 KNX bus supply 320mA for 32 devices

1 programming interface / USB connection / KNX

1 KNX actuator with two outputs for roller shutter

1 KNX 2x230V actuator for convector

1 KNX 2x230V actuator for power outlets

1 KNX 4x230V actuator for lighting control

1 KNX dimming actuator 2x300W for halogen / LED lighting

6 KNX pushbuttons (3 x 4 keys and 3 x 2 keys)

1 KNX thermostat with display and keys (comfort mode, night mode, Eco mode, Temp °C setpoint)

1 ETS5 Lite software (1 license) for designing and configuring KNX system components.

1 KNX / IP Gateway Inside Control

1 energy meter 3 ways 230V / 16A

1 24VDC power supply for the KNX / IP gateway

1 30mA residual current circuit breaker

1 thermal-magnetic circuit breaker Unipolar + Neutral (2A)

2 thermal-magnetic circuit breakers Unipolar + Neutral (10A)

2 thermal-magnetic circuit breakers Unipolar + Neutral (16A)

100m of ICTA D16mm sheath

100m of ICTA D20mm sheath

4 coils of 100m of 1.5mm2 rigid wire (Blue, Black, Red, Yellow/Green)

3 coils of 100m of 2.5mm2 rigid wire (Blue, Red, Yellow/Green)

100m of EIB KNX bus cable.

7 boxes of derivations.

1 NETGEAR WIFI Router configured to use a local Wi-Fi to the system (no connection required on the computer network or the Wifi of your building). This router can connect a tablet or smartphone on the KNX network giving the learner the possibility to measure consumption and remotely control the installation.

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