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Souce inverter cabinet

Didactic solution to simulate the switching of a main power source to an emergency power source.
The switching is managed by a controller, which is directly integrated on the front panel of the cabinet.
The auxiliary I/O terminals are accessible from the front panel, allowing for simple connection depending on your configuration.

A power console splitting the mains is located under the main cabinet.
It is used to create the primary source and the backup source.
Switches are available to simulate a failure on each of the power supplies.

Supplied with a STUDENT + PROFESSOR pedagogical file, this model offers many practical works.
It is delivered assembled and ready to use.

Selected reference ARM-COMS2

Selected reference ARM-COMS2
Selected reference ARM-COMS2

Pedogagical objectives
• Study an industrial-type 400Vac three-phase source inverter system
• Understand the specifications of an electrical installation
• Make wiring diagrams
• Study manufacturer data sheets
• Perform wiring and parameterization of components
• Carry out the commissioning of the installation
• Take measurements of electrical quantities
• Measure voltage, current and power curves
• Use personal protective equipment
• Use maintenance documents

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