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Study case for speed controller ATV32

VAL-VAR is a study case for the speed controller ATV32 for asynchronous machine. It contains all the equipment required for autonomous operation. The case connects directly to the mains 230V single-phase. The printed PVC face includes the electrical protection and control equipment, safety terminals for cabling the inputs/outputs of the speed controller and taking current measurements in each phase of the motor.

Selected reference VAL-VAR

Selected reference VAL-VAR
Selected reference VAL-VAR

• 1 socket + switch unit module for linking to the mains 230V-50/60Hz.
• 1 main switch.
• 1 differential magneto-thermal circuit-breaker 16A-30mA.
• 1 motor circuit-breaker type GV2
• 1 speed controller for asynchronous machine ATV32 from Schneider® power 0.18kW. This speed controller can be programmed using controls on its front or from the offset programming graphic terminal. It can also be linked to a PC using the RJ45/USB lead or Bluetooth link if your PC is so equipped. All the control inputs and outputs of the speed controller are offset to the safety terminals:
- 6 binary inputs
- 1 analogue input -10…10VDC
- 1 analogue input x…y mA
- 1 Safety Input STO
- 3 binary outputs
- 1 analogue output 0…10V or 0…20mA
- 1 logic output 30V/100mA
• 1 multifunction programming graphic terminal with large screen monochrome (8 lines) 240x160 pixels. This terminal is offset using RJ45 1-m lead (supplied).
• 1 three-phase asynchronous motor 0.12kW-230/400V-AC.
The rotation of its shaft can be seen through a translucent safety window.
• 1 set of jumpers, a switch and a potentiometer enable immediate operation of the speed controller.

Case supplied ready to use with
• 1 set of safety leads and jumpers.
• 1 programming graphic terminal
• 1 SoMove software (Schneider Electrique®) with RJ45/USB lead to link to PC
• 1 instruction manual, on CD, including the component data sheets and practical
assignments for speed controller programming help.

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