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Cabinet for electrical authorization

Educational objectives
• Put into application the knowledge, rules and methods for certification for authorization to electrical hazards
• Carry out practical assignments, wiring tasks relevant to electrical authorization
• Perform maintenance and cleaning operations in an industrial cabinet
• Perform removal from service operations of electrical equipment
• Take measurements using a clamp ammeter


Selected reference HABILIT24-S

Selected reference HABILIT24-S
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The service voltage of 24VDC, protected by fuse and circuit-breaker, makes use of the cabinet completely safe. The integrated load, comprised of six 60W lamps, enables a sufficiently significant current to be generated. The cabinet is self-contained and requires no connection to the mains 230V when in use. A mains cable is nevertheless included for recharging the batteries using an integral charger. Available in 3 versions, fixed or mobile.

Comprises (HABILIT24)
• 1 main source and one secondary source 24VDC distributed on 2 sets of flat copper busbars, 100A
• 2 disconnectors with visible cutting, for padlocking
• 2 special circuit-breakers DC 10A
• 1 set of protection devices by fuse + RC circuit-breaker 10A-10mA, IS type
• 4 gel batteries 12V/14Ah
• 3 dual switches
• 6 bulkhead lights 24VDC-60W
• 1 battery charger 230VAC/24VDC
• 1 panel of safety instructions for electrical authorization
• 1 2-colour light column indicating 24VDC 'on' and battery recharging
• 1 lot of 2 posts + 5m of red and white chain
• 1 insulating mat
• 1 insulating blanket
• 2 removal-from-service padlocks

Comprises (HABILIT12)
• 1 lockable disconnector.
• 1 battery charger 230VAC / 24VDC-5A.
Overload protection by electronic and against short-circuit by fuse short circuit gPv.
• 2 gel batteries. Sealed. 12V-14Ah.
• 1 24VDC continuous circuit distributed on 1 set of 100A perforated brass bars.
• 1 circuit breaker C60H-DC -10A for protection of the 24VDC circuit.
• 2 double insulation bulkhead lights with switches and lamps 24V-60W.
• 1 insulating mat
• 1 insulating blanket
• 1 set of 2 posts + 5m of red and white chain
• 1 removal-from-service padlocks



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