Langlois partner of Spacetrain

Langlois, new partner and supplier of Spacetrain, designer of an autonomous shuttle!

The Spacetrain project

Concerned about the mobility issues in our society, Emeuric Gleizes launches the “Spacetrain” project in 2017. This freestanding shuttle powered by air cushions on an inverted “T” monorail, is capable of carrying up to 250 passengers.
This new means of transportation is able to significantly reduce the time and cost of travel between two territories. The goal is to launch a first test shuttle by the end of 2020.

Key figures Spacetrain

540km / h average
720km / h in top speed
60 to 250 passengers
8 million euros of construction cost per km against 20 to 30 million euros for high speed line

Phases of the project

The project is currently in phase 2 which involves the construction of models for study prior to the construction of the first prototype shuttle.

The Langlois partnership

Langlois is happy and proud to have signed a partnership with Spacetrain. We will provide the technical furniture and various electrotechnical equipment necessary for the development of the Spacetrain laboratory where the models will be made.

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