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Dual energy electric gates, solar or mains 230VAC

Models of automated electric and / or solar gates with double wings or sliding. All the electrical connections of the components (motors, cells, headlight, management card) are brought back to a front panel using 4mm safety terminals.

Educational objectives
• To observe and understand the operation of electric gate automation.
• Reminder about the different solar panel technologies.
• To study the operation of an assembly of solar panel, battery, charge regulator.
• To take measurements of electrical values.
• To study the operation of photo-electric cells.
• To learn how to program gate automation according to several operating criteria.
• To perform industrial maintenance operations.

Selected reference POA-1

Selected reference POA-1
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Composition of the gates
• One electronic unit with control board equipped with digital display and three pushbuttons for configuring the assembly.
• One console with printed diagram of the different components including all the gate's connectors. Interconnection with safety leads supplied.
• Two gear motors 24VDC with hinged arm (version POA-1) and one motor 24VDC (version POA-2).
• One signalling light.
• One pair of photocells.
• One face equipped with 2 indicator lights to simulate lighting in the gate opening area and garden lighting.
• One two position switch for opening/closing of the gate, or a single leaf (for version POA-1).
• One unit with battery 24V-12Ah and charge regulator 24VDC


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