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Study of the feeding of photovoltaic energy to the electrical grid

Set of photovoltaic modules and solar panels for studying a solar installation with energy feeding to the 230VAC grid. Supplied with teaching ressources (student & teacher).

Educational objectives
• Learn about a photovoltaic installation with energy feeding to the grid.
• Study the types of energy feeding to the grid, e.g. total or partial.
• Learn about and understand the photovoltaic elements present.
• Create the wiring of a photovoltaic installation.
• Take the electrical measurements of the different values.
• Study the efficiency and incidences related to the positioning of the solar panels.
• Study the use of a grid inverter and energy meter.

Frame type
Selected reference QUICK-MPLUS

Selected reference QUICK-MPLUS
Choose one reference

• 1 Coupler module of photovoltaic terminals to 4mm terminals.
• 1 Surge arrester module.
• 1 Circuit switching module.
• 1 Double fuse holder module 10x38 gPV.
• 3 Single-phase energy meters modules 63A. Reset key. Resolution 0.1kW
• 1 Grid inverter module 500W. Automatic synchronization with the grid 230V.
Input voltage from 65 to 125V DC. Thermal protection integral to the box.
• 1 Module of photovoltaic two-pole circuit-breaker with fault current VDE0126.
• 1 Grid synchronization switch module.
• 1 Module with outlet 2P+E, 4mm terminals.
• 1 Analogue voltmeter/ammeter module.
• 1 Digital voltmeter module.
• 1 Digital ammeter module.
• 2 Solar panels 200Wc on frame that tilts from 5° to 70°.
• 1 Photovoltaic cable, 30 metres.
• 1 set of safety leads for carrying out the different practical works.

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