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Solar central units 800Wc

SOL-4-EXP and SOL-5-EXP are solar centrals with an electric power of 800Wc (+/- 10%) necessary to inject a significant current on the electrical network by the inverter and the other components of the housing part, to load the batteries and to allow equivalent measures as in a real housing ins-tallation.

Educational objectives
• Understanding the different elements of a photovoltaic system.
• Understanding the safety components in the system.
• Electrical measurements of different parameters.
• Analyzing and interpreting results.
• Studying the efficiency and impacts related to the positioning of the solar panels.
• Studying of the chain of solar energy (production, storage, consumption, resale, energetic behavior).
• Wiring of a photovoltaic system (coupling of panels).

Selected reference SOL-4

Selected reference SOL-4
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