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Automated industrial belt conveyors

The industrial belt conveyors include the components required for understanding electric conveyance. They will allow students to perform wiring, measurement, maintenance and supervision in the industrial field. Mounted on aluminium frame with large diameter casters for easy movement.


Selected reference CONV-1

Selected reference CONV-1
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Educational objectives
• To observe and understand the operation of an industrial belt conveyor.
• To take industrial measurements of electrical values.
• To study the operation of inductive and photo-electric sensors.
• To study the reversal of the rotation direction of an asynchronous motor.
• To study the speed control of an asynchronous motor.
• To learn how to wire the different components available on a belt conveyor (detector and light column).
• To study the programming of a controller (PLC) with analogue output signal 4-20mA/0-10V.
• To study the programming of an HMI screen with supervision software.
• To study Ethernet / IP addressing
• To perform industrial maintenance operations.

• Industrial belt conveyor driven by three-phase asynchronous gear motor 3x400VAC. Useful surface area of the conveyor 1400x370mm (x1 for CONV-1S / x2 for CONV-2S)
• Photo-electric sensors with adjustable fixing.
The sensors can be moved along the conveyor.
Output with DRY, NO contact (x3 for CONV-1S / x5 for CONV-2S)
• Inductive sensor with adjustable fixing.
The sensor can be moved along the conveyor.
Transistor output (x1 for CONV-1S / x2 for CONV-2S)
• One light column with three colours.
• One electrical cabinet equipped with a wiring frame composed of:
- one set of circuit-breakers
- one set of contactors
- one Schneider® M221 controller with analogue board 4-20mA and 0-10V.
- Ethernet RJ45.
- one Schneider speed variator equipped with its Somove software
- one set of terminal blocks
- one Ethernet switch
• One Ethernet colour HMI touch screen 5.7’’ with its Vijeo Designer® software.
Mounted on an easy-to-move arm. The screen is easy to unplug from its support for easy storage.
• Tray at start and end of conveyor to collect the conveyed articles (x2 for CONV-1S / x3 for CONV-2S)

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