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Study of the behaviour of a machine in hypo and hypersynchrony

An asynchronous motor can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. To perform this conversion, it has to be driven above the synchronous speed. QUICK-I is a set of modules of measurement
(H-250mm) of switching and 2 asynchronous motors mounted on the same axis of rotation for studying hypersynchrony. The speed controller module drives the first motor above its synchronous speed so that the second becomes a three-phase generator. A central zero wattmeter module indicates the direction of the electrical energy consumed or fed in the case of feeding into the grid. A central 0 phase-meter module demonstrates the change of power factor according to the addition of capacitors or speed variation.

Frame type
Selected reference QUICK-IPLUS

Selected reference QUICK-IPLUS
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Educational objectives
• Study the hyposynchronous and hypersynchronous operations of an asynchronous motor.
• Study the effect of a battery of capacitors on the power factor value.
• Study the synchronisation with the national grid.
• Study energy use at an isolated site.
• Calculate the efficiencies of an energy production system.
• Use a clamp ammeter.

• 1 Single-phase power supply module 230V AC with RC circuit-breaker and emergency stop button.
• 1 Speed controller module 1500W. Single-phase power supply 230V AC, motor supply output 3 x 230V AC. Adjustment of the rotation frequency by potentiometer on the front.
• 1 Three-pole cut-out module.
• 2 digital display modules: Current - Voltage
• 1 Module with central zero analogue display of the power.
• 1 Module with central 0 analogue display of power factor.
• 1 Start/Stop switch module for synchronizing with the electricity grid 3x230/400V.
• 1 Set of rotating machinery: 2 asynchronous motors 1500W, 3x 230/400V.
• 1 Resistive load 2000W.
• 1 Capacitive load 2000 kVAR.
• 1 set of safety leads for carrying out the different practical works.
Mains power supply 230V - 50/60Hz. 3-metre lead with plug 2P+E.

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