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Study of the synchronization of an alternator with the electrical grid

Set of modules. The modules are cabled using safety leads. Supplied with teaching ressources.

Educational objectives
• Understand the operation of a synchronous alternator.
• Understand the rules of synchronization with the electricity grid.
• Use a synchronoscope.
• Study the wiring diagram between a speed controller and an asynchronous motor.
• Creation of the configuration of a speed controller with software.
• Study the no-load and with-load behaviour of a 3-phase asynchronous motor 1500W.
• Study the no-load and with-load behaviour of an alternator.
• Read and plot the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the motor bench.

Frame type
Selected reference QUICK-JPLUS

Selected reference QUICK-JPLUS
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• 1 Single-phase power supply module with RC circuit-breaker and emergency stop button.
• 1 Single-phase speed controller module 230V AC – 3x230V AC, 1500W. Adjustment of the rotation speed setting by potentiometer on the front.
• 1 Wattmeter switch module.
• 5 digital display modules: Voltage - Current - Power - Motor torque - Rotation speed.
• 1 Indicator module of phase order on the alternator side.
• 1 Indicator module of phase order on the electricity grid side.
• 1 Switching module with display of the matching of the voltages, speed of synchronism, frequency of the alternator, and output voltage of the alternator.
• 1 Machinery set on wheeled cart comprised of:
    1 Asynchronous motor 1500W - 3x 230V/3x400V
    1 Brushless rotary dynamic torque sensor
    1 Synchronous machine 1500W - 3x230V/3x400V
    1 Tachometer generator 10V/1000 revs
• 1 Analogue wattmeter RMS AC+DC.
• 1 Variable power supply 0-240V AC/DC for supplying the polar wheel of the alternator.
• 1 set of safety leads for carrying out the different practical works.
Mains power supply 230V - 50/60Hz. 3-metre lead with plug 2P+E.

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