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Study of regulation of level by PID

QUICK-NIV is a set of modules associated with an operative part for studying the water level regulation by PID and 4-20mA hydrostatic sensor.

Educational objectives
• Putting an electrical installation into service.
• To learn about and use a PID regulator, a hydrostatic sensor, and a 4-20mA flowmeter.
• To use a regulation system for water level and flow rate by analogue signal 4.20mA.
• To use and configure a speed drive locally and from programming software.
• To measure, analyse and interpret analogue signals.
• To learn industrial maintenance.

Selected reference QUICK-NDPLUS

Selected reference QUICK-NDPLUS
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• 1 single-phase power supply module with 30mA/16A residual current and thermal magnetic circuit-breaker, an emergency stop button and a main ON/OFF button with indicator light. Power supply of the module by 2P+E plug and 2 metres mains lead. 230VAC on 3 safety terminals for powering the modules on the front panel.
• 1 single-phase 230VAC/ 3-phase 230VAC speed controller module. Adjustment by potentiometer, 4-20mA input and RJ45 connector for the configuration from SoMove software delivered with the system.
• 1 thermal relay module
• 1 230VAC/24VDC power supply module
• 1 PID regulator 4-20mA. Self-regulating and manual. 4 digits display for the setpoint value and the configuration.

Composition of the operative part
• A bottom tank of 100L.
• One top tank of 60L with 2 transparent sides.
  One tape rule on one side for monitoring the water level.
  One inner wall of the tank for preventing eddies.
• One three-phase motor pump 230V/400V with 750W capacity.
• One rotary valve for manually adjusting the water flow rate at the pump outlet.
• One rotary valve for adjusting the water leak level at the tank outlet.
• One ¼ turn valve for rapid draining of the tank.
• One 4-20mA flowmeter with integrated digital display.
  Pushbuttons on the front of the sensor enable its programming.
• One hydrostatic pressure sensor 4-20mA directly mounted on the tank wall.
  Measuring range 0-600mm.
• 1 power console equipped with 4mm safety terminals for the connection of the modules with 4mm safety leads.



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