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Study of temperature regulation by PID

Educational objectives
• Learn about and wire a system of temperature regulation by PID.
• Study, configure, and control a PID regulator.
• Study an analogue signal 4-20mA.
• Study a PT100 temperature sensor signal.
• Use a dimmer 230V, 4-20mA.

Frame type
Selected reference QUICK-KS

Selected reference QUICK-KS
Choose one reference

• 1 DC power supply module 230V AC, 24V DC.
• 1 PID temperature regulator module. Self-adjusting and manual. 4-digit display for set point, input and output 4-20mA. Binary alarm output.
• 1 PT100 temperature sensor module. Three wires. 1 PT100 signal converter, 4-20mA.
• 1 Indicator light module 230V AC
• 1 Single-phase power dimmer module. Variation of the thyristor conduction angle according to the control current 4-20mA.
• 1 Heating unit module equipped with a 60W lamp powered at 230VAC. Thanks to two supports, the temperature sensor can be put into the unit.
• 1 set of safety leads for carrying out the different practical works.
Mains power supply 230V - 50/60Hz. 3-metre lead with plug 2P+E.

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