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Multifunction station for motor test bench

These multifunction station on wheels, equipped with a man-height control console,
powered on 400VAC three-phase mains with neutral and ground.
The left part of the console is dedicated to powering a motor bench.
The right part allows the mechanical and electrical measurements.
The computer connection for the data consulting is via the USB interface on the top. 

Resistive load option
Synchronoscope option
Selected reference PST-ALM40 + PST-RH40 + PST-CHR3

Selected reference PST-ALM40 + PST-RH40 + PST-CHR3
Choose one reference

Power supply functions
• DC outputs are galvanically isolated from each other as well as from the mains by NF EN 61558 isolation transformers
• The continuous power is produced by a Graëtz bridge (ripple 4%)
• The auxiliary DC is full-wave rectifier whose ripple rate varies with the load

Speed control functions
• Speed control by potentiometer
• Start/Stop by button
• Parameterization via the control console
(choice of rotation, acceleration ramp, fault reset ...)
• Setting frequency 0-400Hz

Brake control
• Brake control by potentiometer

Functions measurement of mechanical quantities
• Display of mechanical torque in N.m
• Speed display in rpm
• Displays mechanical power in Watt
• Speed gauge adjustment by push button (2V/10V/20V/60V gauges for 1000 rpm)
• Torque gauge adjustment by push button (20/50/100N.m gauges)

Functions measurement of balanced electrical quantities
• Values displayed in TRMS
• Display of voltage in V
• Display of current in A
• Display of power in W
• Allows continuous and alternating measurements up to 50Hz
• Max voltage 400V in Single-phase and 700V in three-phase
• Max current 20A
• Single-phase or three-phase selection by switch on the front panel.

Data acquisition functions
• Retrieves measurement of electrical and mechanical signals
• Connection to the PC via a USB interface (cable supplied)
• Allows to visualize in real time or deferred the curves of the measurement
• Possibility to export the curves on a spreadsheet to perform calculations such as slip, efficiency, cosphi, ....
• Software included only in English
• Possibility to make curves in X / Y

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