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Conveyor belt

Operative part reproducing a conveyor belt.
In addition to studying the various sensors, many scenarios of programming are possible, depending on, the weight of the piece, its height, its material. The accuracy of an optical fiber can also detect any defects.
MAQ-CONV has 9 inputs and 12 digital outputs, as well as a 4-20 mA analog output.

On-off inputs / outputs being dry contacts, this model is controllable by any type of programmable logic controller (PLC) positive or negative, by microcomputer or sequential system. The connection is made via Ø4 mm safety terminals, with orange signage for the actuator inputs, blue for the sensor outputs.

Selected reference MAQ-CONV

Selected reference MAQ-CONV
Selected reference MAQ-CONV

Practical works
• Conversion of weight into 4-20mA signal according to the characteristics of the strain gage
• Detection accuracy of single photocells and optical fiber
• Detection distances of objects by L and C sensors according to the material of the item
• Using the meter
• Using the conveyor to sort

• 1 start of the drive motor of the belt
• 4 cylinders marked V1 to V4.
• V1 pushes the item on the carpet, V2 to V4 eject it
• 1 input incrementation of the counter (0 to 99)
• 1 counter reset input
• 2 LED indicators : PASS and FAIL

• 6 photocells, including 1 barrier, 2 mirror reflection, 2 simple reflections, 1 optical fiber.
• 1 capacitive sensor for detecting non-metallic parts
• 1 inductive sensor for detecting metal parts
• 1 SET NUMBER makes a contact when the counter reaches the preset value
• 3 START / STOP / RESET buttons control the set
An LED next to each sensor lights up if detected

Placed in front of the cylinder V1 a scale weighs the item, and displays its weight in grams.
The image of the weight is converted into a 4-20mA signal.
The automaton then actuates the cylinder V1 to push the item on the band, or actuates V2 to eject it.

Supplied: a set of 6 pieces of different weights, shapes and materials.
Dimensions conveyor belt: 590 x 60mm
MAQ-CONV is integrated in a case that protects the components during transport.
Dimensions: 875 x 320 x 141mm. Weight 10,5kg.
Switching capacity of the input / output contacts: 30Vpp-1A.
220VAC power supply.

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