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Demo plug & play multimotors

The various functions can be obtained by simple coupling, perfectly explained inthe instructions. Although powered by non-hazardous voltages, the powering up of these products is restricted to authorised staff due to the lack of protective housing.

Selected reference DEMO-AC

Selected reference DEMO-AC
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DEMO-AC: 48v alternating current
Developed practical work

• Single-phase alternating motor.
• Alternating motor theory.
• Repulsion-induction motor with auxiliary wiring.
• Capacitor motor.
• Capacitor start and run motor.
• Three-phase alternating motor theory.
• 2-pole star motor.
• 4-pole delta motor.
• Slip-ring motor.
• Alternator theory.
• Three-phase alternator functions.
• Synchronous motor.

DEMO-DC: 48v direct current unit
Developed practical work

• Direct current motor theory.
• Armature reaction.
• Winding polarities.
• DC shunt motor
• DC shunt motor with commutating poles.
• Speed control.
• Long shunt compound DC motor.
• Long shunt compound DC motor with commutating poles.
• Short shunt compound DC motor.
• Short shunt compound DC motor with commutating poles.
• DC shunt motor, separately excited.
• DC generator theory.
• DC shunt generator.
• Separately excited generator.
• Series DC generator with commutating poles.
• Series-excitation generator.
• Compound generator.
• Long shunt compound DC generator.
• Short shunt compound DC motor.

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