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Industrial cabinet for electrical accreditation

This cabinet allows the application of knowledge, rules and methods for certification to electrical risk accreditation (BC / B1 / B1V / B2 / B2V / BE / BN) in an INDUSTRIAL environment.
The educational content is based on the rules laid down by the French standard on the prevention of electrical risks.
The general circuit breaker protection and the operating voltage at very low voltage (TBT 24V AC or DC depending on version) make the use of the model completely safe. Compact, to be placed on a table, this model represents an electrical distribution cabinet and is available in two versions, 24Vac and 24 Vdc.

Selected reference HABILIT-IAC

Selected reference HABILIT-IAC
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Educational objectives
• Apply knowledge, rules and methods for certification to electrical risk certification
• Carry out practical work, wiring tasks related to electrical accreditation
• Perform maintenance and servicing operations in an industrial cabinet
• Carry out consignment operations for electrical equipment
• Study an industrial type electrical installation
• Make electrical diagrams
• Produce a bill of materials
• Analyze manufacturer data sheets

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