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Controllable power supply for brake

Current supply boxes for powder brake.Current control is devised around a microcontroller circuit providing high precision of the delivered current. Control of the manual brake or by analogue input 0-10V DC.

Brake manual control
Selected reference GC-420

Selected reference GC-420
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Genral informations
• Mains power supply 230V AC - 50/60 Hz
• Max output current 2A.
• Output load 4-20 ohms
• Brake control analogue input signal 0-10V DC
• Dimensions: 240 x 180 x 130 mm

On the front:
• A start/stop indicator light.
• A potentiometer for controlling the set point.
• A 2-position switch provides control of the stop mode by blocking or disengaging.
On the rear:
• Socket/switch/fuse unit assembly for box power supply.
• 6 terminals for choice of control coupling by potentiometer or by external analogue signal 0-10V DC.
• 2 terminals for connecting the powder brake.

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