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Multifunction clampo RMS AC+DC

Selected reference A138

Selected reference A138
Selected reference A138

• Manual or auto measurements
• RMS measurements in AC and AC+DC
• 10mV to 1000V in DC, ACrms, DC+ACrms
• 10mA to 1000A in DC, ACrms, DC+ACrms
• Measurement of the call current up to 1400A AC
• Max and Min peaks in voltage and current
• Active power from 1W to 1000kW
• Power factor cosφ from -1.00 to +1.00
• Measurement of the THD and harmonics to row 25
• Resistance from 0.1ohm to 100kohms
• Sound continuity R< 30ohms and diode test
• Frequencymeter 0.01Hz to 10kHz
• Measurement of capacitances from 1nF to 4000µF
• Measurement of temperatures from -50°C to 1000°C
• Indication of the direction of rotation of the phases
• Contactless voltage detector
• Low-pass filter (removes noise)
• Reset button
• Bar graph
• Illumination of the cable to be tested when jaws open
• Display blocking. Backlit display
• Automatic shutdown after 15 minutes
• Low battery indicator

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