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Study of different wirings for lights

Set of modules. The modules are cabled using safety leads. Supplied with teaching ressources. You can choose between a complete solution (QUICK-A) or autonomous subsets to create several simultaneous TP groups (QUICK-AK *).

Educational objectives
• Study of house wiring diagrams.
• Study and operation of a single lighting circuit.
• Study and operation of a double lighting circuit.
• Study and operation of a two-way circuit.
• Study and operation of a remote control switch circuit
• Study and operation of a timer circuit.
• Study and operation of a dusk switch circuit.
• Study and operation of an energy meter.

Modular type
Frame type
Selected reference QUICK-APLUS

Selected reference QUICK-APLUS
Choose one reference

• 1 Module – Two pushbuttons
• 1 Module – Two-way switch
• 1 Module - Two single lighting switches
• 1 Module – Two double lighting switches
• 1 Module – Single phase energy meter 63A
• 1 Module – Circuit-breaker 1P+E 16A
• 1 Module – Residual current circuit-breaker 30mA
• 1 Module – Timer, coil 230VAC-50Hz
• 1 Module – Remote control switch, coil 230VAC-50Hz
• 1 Module – Dusk switch + photocell
• 1 Module – Analogue ammeter 2.5A and Analogue voltmeter 250VAC
• 4 Modules – Bulkhead lights 230VAC-40W
• 1 set of safety leads for carrying out the different practical works.



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